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Pomegranate International Pictures


Pomegranate International Pictures Limited is a UK film studio in the making but unlike other studios PiP is a truly inventive media company with massive ambitions to entertain the public worldwide through its own unique product line and vision.


PiP is looking to a future where we can entertain, thrill and bring back excitement into the movies with entertaining and meaningful feature films that cover all genres.  

Partnering with Pomegranate International Pictures.


Production and Distribution Partnership


Like the Pomegranate fruit PiP is filled to the brim with juicy content including its own massive screenplay projects ready to go into pre production, and offering a co-production and distribution partners a massive advantage in seeking fantastic secure content.


Pomegranate International Pictures own secure feature film screenplays which will be released in units of 25 per year called fruits into its production stream and then onto its chosen production and distribution partners.

Career at Pomegranate International Pictures.


If you would like to contact us regarding working for PiP please send us an email noting your interest via the contact page.

Pomegranate International Pictures Studio.


Our ambitious plans and long term aim is to build our own studio. This has recently come nearer as we are now going forward with plans to build our own production facility.